Rustic Wood House Sign

Price: £37.50

Custom Rustic wood slices make interesting house signs or signs for many other situation such as stable name plaques Etc.

Size: Variable Between 13" & 16"

Here at metalPIX we use state-of-the-art digital CAD CAM machines to carve the REAL rustic wood slices to your requirements.

Each peice of timber is unique (no two are the same) and this is what makes YOUR sign different to others. Each wood slice is varnished, we then V-CARVE your text into the wood.... The 3D result looks totally hand made by a professional carver.

So what is v-carving? Well if you take the time to look at the old grave stones or any stone mason's work, you should notice that where a character is wide in it's stroke the mason carved deeper and where it is thin he carved shallower.... giving it a 3d appearence... that is how are machines work.

Your personal sign will be carved as if by hand, it will be hand infill painted and re-varnished so it lasts. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in it's display.

We do not supply fixings for this item as there are so many possibilties and each is a personal choice.

Please note: We carry over 1000 fonts... Please contact us if you require anything specific!

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